Turn Phobia Into Peanuts

Public Speaking Phobia

A Common Case of Stage Fright

Does this sound familiar?

Your gift for gab is the stuff of legend. One-on-one with clients you are a rock star, a fact that’s proven by your sky-rocketing sales career. As a result, offers are pouring in for you to speak about your products and industry knowledge.

As you walk out on stage, your heart pounds and your mouth is suddenly dry. You calm the negative thoughts by repeating your mantra “Business is Good. People are Good.” Your trembling hands suddenly make “getting it over with” more important than audience expectations. So you stutter, mumble and read your speech word-for-word from index cards, barely remembering your 45-minutes in the spotlight.

This classic example of public speaking phobia is common. Off stage you’re downright eloquent, sharing stories and shaking hands. On stage your fears consume you, making people secretly wonder whether you’re the same person they met backstage.

Help people see you, not your fear, with techniques from In Your Own Words that let you manage your phobia of public speaking.

Managing Public Speaking Phobias

In Your Own Words training offers support and expert guidance for learning techniques that improve public speaking confidence. And with the right tool-kit, you’ll have no problem standing up to your fear of public speaking.

Consider what doctors have learned about people who have allergic reactions to peanuts: feeding small amounts of peanuts to an allergic person will actually train the body to tolerate peanuts, thereby curing the allergy! Under supervised medical care, a person can safely overcome this life-threatening allergy. And fear is much like peanuts. Small doses, overtime, can turn your fear into peanuts, or at least a more manageable emotion.

In Your Own Words is a safe, non-judgmental environment, where you can train to overcome your allergy to public speaking. Your speech coach comes equipped with over two decades of experience helping people manage their public speaking phobias, contact In Your Own Words to learn more about Onlee Bowden’s methods, her credentials and the forms of public speaking training that she offers.

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