Break Fear Patterns

Overcome Fears of Public Speaking

Break the Repetitive Patterns of Fear

Consider these few sage words by Henry Ford: “Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.” Now do this: ask yourself why you spend so much time and energy avoiding speaking in public situations.

A fear of speaking in public can put the breaks on your career advancement. Be aware that there is a better way than avoidance to break those repetitive patterns of fear.

You have a choice; you don’t need to fret every time you stand in front of a group to speak. Face it, there is a solution. And it begins with In Your Own Words. You’ll find a safe place where you can understand your weaknesses and discover your strengths.

An Environment for Shifting Your Perspective

Take a step back. Do things look a little different? Now, take a step forward—and to the side, now the other side. The way you see things is different, right? And In Your Own Words public speaking instruction can give you a new perspective on how you see yourself. From a different angle, maybe you can better imagine yourself as a sophisticated public speaker. In a safe, non-judgmental environment you can explore your different sides. Maybe you’ll discover something that surprises you!

Take a leap outside of your comfort zone. The practice of delivering speeches in this small, classroom environment provides safe exposure to situations that may otherwise make you weak in the knees. Together, we’ll work on transforming how you view yourself as a public speaker—but don’t worry, there are no cameras, film or recordings. You’ll feel the change.

Your In Your Own Words public speaking coach will work with you on methods that will help you become a more confident public speaker. Contact In Your Own Words for more information about taking a public speaking class to learn techniques for managing public speaking fear.

Expert Guidance & Support

Gain expert guidance through public speaking instruction that teaches methods for becoming a more confident communicator. Start today by learning more about how you can overcome speaking fears with training from In Your Own Words. Ask for Onlee Bowden when you call 231-590-1499 to inquire about public speaking courses.

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