Advance Your Career

Advance Your Career

Create a Foundation for Communication

B-b-b-but sometimes you get nervous and can’t get the right words out. There are times in most everyone’s professional life when stuttering can bumble up an eloquently planned speech. Maybe you call it nerves, or stage fright, or it’s a case when the “cat’s got your tongue.” But there are techniques that can help you turn a stutter into a slam-dunk. And when you practice these techniques, you’ll develop the competence and ability to get the words outs—sans stuttering.

Training with In Your Own Words reinforces your strengths so that you are better equipped to learn new techniques for handling public speaking anxiety. Confidence in your words can help you nurture and maximize your professional relationships. Your speech coach will use a method known as non-judgmental guidance throughout the sessions as you learn how to manage public speaking anxiety. In Your Own Words public speaking training can help you:

  • Build new relationships
  • Deepen existing relationships
  • Take leadership roles
  • Attend important networking events
  • Speak up during company meetings and much more

These are just a few of the many benefits associated with managing your stage fright. In Your Own Words offers different forms of instruction to meet your individual career goals, from public speaking workshops to more in-depth forms of instruction.

Let’s discuss the speech training that’s right for your career goals. Please contact In Your Own Words to learn more about taking a public speaking course or attending a seminar.

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