Why You Should Consider Training

Set Perfection Aside

Perfectionists step aside—public speaking is about effectively communicating ideas. And when you’re effective at getting your point across, you’ll see real results. Success is about inspiring your audience to action—we don’t count the “ums.”

So you fumbled with, um, a couple transitions. But what are your strengths? Public speaking begins within you—rather than boxing yourself in, let your personality shine. Instead of trying to say every thing “perfectly,” master the techniques that free you from fear and artificial restraints. It’s perfect when it sounds like you—not a script.

Focus on Development

Take a deep breath. And for just a moment, set aside any pressure you feel when in front of a crowd. Focus your energy and center yourself. This is what it should feel like—proud and confident. Developing as a public speaker is learning how to better command your body and mind, so that your words have power. And isn’t that one of the biggest reasons to take a public speaking class?

But if you’re looking for more reasons for why you should consider taking an In Your Own Words public speaking class:

Career AdvancementAdvance your career by nurturing your professional relationships through more effective and meaningful communication.

Break Fear PatternsOvercome a fear of public speaking with techniques that work in everyday situations—and those out-of-the-ordinary “special” occasions. Be ready to stand up and speak!

Desensitize Yourself to Fear—Practice strategies for managing a public speaking phobia in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Gain Confidence—Believing in yourself can take practice and little bit of expert advice. Speak comfortably and with confidence.

Training from In Your Own Words is an opportunity for both personal and professional development.

Please contact In Your Own Words to learn more about training options, which include public speaking classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions with a professional public speaking coach.

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