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Corporate public speaking training improves communication when the instructor provides the right environment for learning. As owner of In Your Own Words, I offer supportive guidance in an environment that helps participants retain information.

Efficient, Supportive Guidance

Supportive, yet tough, an In Your Own Words public speaking class offers training that pushes participants to overcome fear and become more confident leaders. Most books, seminars and continuing education classes don’t offer this same level of support and guidance, which means companies often spend money for training that doesn’t get results.

You have my personal assurance that your employees will learn public speaking habits that will improve their confidence and communication skills—raising the standard of work-place communication. This public speaking training is a time-efficient and effective way to cultivate confident leaders that will contribute to the growth and success of your business.

Save time and money by bringing the speech coach to your corporate office. Whether that means conducting workshops in Denver, Colorado, or a series of public speaking courses in Chicago, Illinois, In Your Own Words training can come to your employees. Please contact In Your Own Words for more information.

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