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The difference is personal. This is not your typical continuing education course or adult certification program—In Your Own Words is designed around your objectives. What are your reasons for taking public speaking? What do you want to achieve? You won’t get graded—there are no A’s or B’s here—rather, you’ll have the attention and expertise of a professional speech coach committed to your development as a public speaker.

In Your Own Words instruction is enhanced by the dynamics of the small group format. And when it comes time to practice, you’ll need an audience. The camaraderie that develops in the small groups creates a unique opportunity to give a speech in front of a small audience that you know and trust.

Non-Critical Learning Environment

Do you have a fear of heights? What about spiders? There are certain things, like creepy crawlers and rickety ladders that can cause a lot of anxiety. And for many people, public speaking is high on the list.

Acknowledging a public speaking phobia is a significant step for many people. And In Your Own Word’s instructor Onlee Bowden has helped professionals from all backgrounds to overcome this hurdle.

Learn from Experience

After years of doing something the same way, it’s hard to imagine that maybe there’s a better way. The way we walk, for example, seems simple enough. But there is actually a technique for a better, more efficient stride. The idea is simple and a little cliché: work smarter, not harder. Likewise, a good public speaker is committed to the principles of correct form and structure. It’s reliable, it’s adaptable, and it works—the underlying principles remain the same, wherever you go and whatever the topic. That’s more than most people can say about their golf swing.

For more than 20 years, In Your Own Words public speaking instruction has helped CEO’s and their executive team, authors, small business owners, community leaders, parents and many other professionals effectively communicate their ideas. In Your Own Words training begins with developing a solid foundation. Advanced courses can help professionals identify specific areas for improvement and fine tune their skill set.

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