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Communication is essential for doing business.Your business relationships are at the heart of your company’s success. Because these relationships are so vital to the health of your business, it is important to get the most out of every conversation and to nurture each of them. Building these fruitful relationships takes time, trust and, most importantly, a knack for communicating well.

Fortunately, there are tools to help business professionals learn how to better relate to clients and co-workers. In Your Own Words is more than a public speaking course – Onlee Bowden’s approach incorporates knowledge of work-place communication, corporate culture and practical techniques for effectively organizing and conveying ideas.

The small group sessions are ideal for personalized instruction and make for a safe environment that participants can grow and develop in. Strategies for managing fear are discussed and participants practice delivering speeches in front of their group members. Each speech training session builds on previous lessons and the group members often develop a sense of trust and respect for each other through the shared experience. These public speaking training sessions build stronger companies by:

  • Enhancing creative thought
  • Strengthening core communication skills
  • Deepening interpersonal relationships
  • Developing leaders

In today’s business world, these are the skills and assets that are essential for doing business and building relationships.

Training Driven by Experience

Results-driven and fun, In Your Own Words public speaking training draws from Onlee Bowden’s experience teaching university courses in advanced public speaking, leadership, organizational communication and teamwork. For more than two decades, Onlee Bowden has provided practical strategies for improving corporate communication.

Contact In Your Own Words

Many team building training opportunities are customized to meet specific communication goals. Please call 231-590-1499 to learn more about these flexible options and other forms of In Your Own Words public speaking instruction.

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