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Public Speaking Training

Core Skills for Communication

Transparency is a vital aspect of today’s business world. Successful business leaders understand the value of clear and concise communication. They know the ability to communicate effectively improves work flow and can help internal processes function more efficiently.

Overcoming fear of public speaking is an important part of professional development. Onlee Bowden shows business owners, professionals, students and others how to use simple and practical techniques for managing the stress and fear associated with giving presentations. And for many people, overcoming fear of public speaking sparks confidence and gives them the inspiration needed to take on new challenges.

Training Course Expectations

It is expected that public speaking training will require people to move out of their personal comfort zone. This is a good thing, because when we challenge ourselves we can become better at what we do—and sometimes, we even surprise ourselves at what we’re capable of. In Your Own Words public speaking courses are about taking communication skills to the next level. And the courses can be tailored for corporate training or a semi-private class. All instruction takes place in a non-critical learning environment where everyone has the opportunity to discover their personal best.

Small group public speaking training sessions improve information retention in addition to providing more opportunities for one-on-one feedback. These focused courses leave participants with tools that:

  • Help organize thoughts for concise communication
  • Build trust and improve interpersonal relationships
  • Ease public speaking fear

The techniques applied in the course provide participants with a skill set that can be applied to a variety of business situations. Confident public speaking helps foster professional relationships and is a foundation for other aspects of professional development. Techniques taught during these public speaking training workshops, courses and semi-private sessions are applicable at work, home and other social events.

Flexible Training Options

Company dynamics are always evolving and so is the way we communicate. The courses provided by In Your Own Words can help your company adapt to new communication challenges and enhance work-place communication. Additionally, customized public speaking workshops can help your company improve internal communication and maximize client relationships.

To learn more about these personalized training options, including customized breakout sessions for your next conference, please call In Your Own Words at 231-590-1499 or use this contact form to request additional information.

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