Public Speaking Instruction
Public Speaking Instruction

Public Speaking Instruction

Be Yourself: Courses for Improving Confidence

It sounds so easy, “just be yourself.” But why is it that, when poised to speak in front of an audience, we suddenly feel nothing like ourselves? Stress, fear and excitement are powerful emotions that cause very real changes in our body. For many people, it is hard to maintain a cool and calm composure when the rush of adrenaline kicks in. But there are techniques to help manage the body’s natural stress-response.

In Your Own Words public speaking instruction starts with learning about how your body and mind respond to stress—it begins with learning about you. And so when you are ready to stand up and speak, it will be you and not your fear that shines through. Onlee’s personalized instruction will help you develop methods to:

  • Organize your thoughts
  • Prepare interesting speeches
  • Overcome public speaking fears
  • Improve all areas of communication

The Right Training Environment

Go ahead, take that first leap. It takes courage to make the decision to take a public speaking course—but a good coach will ensure that you’ll always land on your feet. And you don’t even need ropes or a safety net.

In Your Own Words training begins at your comfort level in an environment that is founded on trust, respect and discipline. Working in small groups, you’ll be challenged to explore your own strengths and weaknesses. But how far you go is up to you—striving to be better is the first measure of your success.

Flexible Public Speaking Instruction

My goal is to create lessons that improve your ability to effectively communicate. That could mean one-on-one sessions, small group courses or public speaking workshops. Each option is designed to build your public speaking confidence in an environment that makes sense for learning.

Let’s talk about taking your communication skills to the next level. Contact In Your Own Words today regarding public speaking classes and workshop options by dialing 231-590-1499.

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