Tailored Breakout Sessions

Tailored Public Speaking Workshops

Enough with boring workshops, burnt coffee and stale donuts! Shouldn’t you get more out of “professional development” than a notebook, nametag and a branded pen? Really, what is it that you want to learn? In Your Own Words puts the emphasis back on your development as a speaker.

Offering public speaking workshops that can sharpen your skills so that you have the edge when it comes time to speak up.

Challenge your public speaking fear and challenge the status quo—in these customized breakout sessions you set the standard. What do you want to achieve? These purpose-driven sessions focus on the skill sets you want to develop. Public speaking training has real-world applications that produce real results. And when you and your team have solid public speaking skills, you can be that powerhouse of persuasion. Really.

Contact In Your Own Words

Request more information regarding customized breakout sessions or to learn more about popular public speaking workshops offered by In Your Own Words. When you call, please remember to ask about more in-depth public speaking instruction options, such as taking a public speaking class, or hiring me as a public speaking coach.

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