Help I'm Not A Public Speaker

Workshop: HELP! I'm Not A Public Speaker!

Imagine at your next staff meeting asking everyone who thinks of themselves as a public speaker to raise their hand. How many hands in the room would go up? Would yours? Fear of public speaking can stifle even the boldest thinkers in the room from communicating their brilliant ideas—the very ideas that could grow your company. “Help! I’m Not a Public Speaker (But I have to Speak in Public)!” is a 90-minute workshop created for everyone in the room that didn’t raise their hand. And for the two people that did raise their hands, In Your Own Words workshops offer a unique approach for giving your next presentation professional polish and pizzazz.

Here is just some of what you’ll learn at this public speaking workshop:

  • Immediate strategies for improving communication
  • How to manage your fear of public speaking
  • The importance of organizing your ideas
  • New ways of thinking about your audience

And as businesses grow, you may find that the standards for work-place communication have changed. Maybe your company has grown beyond the “read-along” PowerPoint presentation. Focus on what matters the most in a customized conference breakout session—go a head and make it your own.

Contact In Your Own Words today about this and many other unique public speaking workshops. Courses, coaching and other training options are also available.

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