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Public Speaking Workshops

Sharpen Workplace Communication

Public speaking workshops from In Your Own Words offer practical insight about improving workplace communication. But it’s more than just conveying information and organizing ideas—leading with confidence is about speaking with confidence.

Together, we’ll look at real communication issues that challenge professionals day-to-day. Some of my more popular conference workshops include:

Help! I’m not a public speaker, but I have to speak in public.

There’s a big elephant in the room—the thought of public speaking freaks people out! Maybe it’s time to stop dodging the question. Ask yourself: are you ready to learn some practical strategies for becoming a savvy and fearless public speaker? Learn more about my Help! seminar.

Make It Memorable

Do you remember the last conversation you had? Now, try to remember the last time you felt moved by something someone said. Every conversation with a client can be valuable—or it can just be filed away in the “I do not recall” folder. Speaking is effective when it is persuasive and leaves an impact. Make It Memorable is about building long-lasting and positive client relationships through effective communication. Receive more information about this client-driven seminar.

Real Face Time – Real Public Speaking

Your voice is your brand. Jump-start your career with this workshop geared towards young professionals interested in building their personal brand. In this workshop you’ll dissect the art of presenting a codified image. Smile, relax and shine. It’s more than just what you say, it’s how you say it, too. Learn more about this personal brand session.

These 90-minute workshops are designed to be flexible in order to address your specific needs and goals. Please complete this contact form for more information about available workshops. You may also call 231-590-1499 to talk with me directly about customized seminars for your next conference. When you call, please also remember to ask about more in-depth public speaking training in the form of courses and private coaching.

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