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In Your Own Words Travels Across the Country

In Your Own Words offers training that will fine-tune interdepartmental communication, ease stage fright and help your company develop leaders. And best of all this corporate training is available nationwide in a variety of formats, including:

National Conference Workshops

— In Your Own Words will customize breakout sessions for your company’s national conference. Or, you can choose from popular public speaking workshops that can easily be adjusted to fit your company’s needs.

Team-Building Sessions

— These are customized workshops in public speaking meant for small group sessions. This training is often sought after by companies that want to improve interdepartmental communication by nurturing interpersonal relationships and building trust, respect and transparency.

Private Instruction

— Professionals looking for a public speaking coach will prefer this option for private one-on-one training.

Whether your company is looking to host public speaking workshops in Denver, Colorado or Chicago, Illinois, In Your Own Words offers instruction anywhere from Traverse City, Michigan to Tucson, Arizona.

Contact In Your Own Words today for more information about training that’s available at your headquarters or my studio.

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