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My philosophy is that you deserve public speaking training from an experienced instructor with practical methods. Someone who you know can help you become an accomplished, confident speaker.

As owner of In Your Own Words, I’m confident that you will apply my techniques in ways that improve business communication and help you cope with public speaking fears. Unlike some coaching programs that rely on superficial visualization techniques – where you imagine yourself doing the same thing over and over again – my methods are practical and rooted in communication theory. It’s about theory and practice.

With guidance, successful entrepreneurs, executives and journalists have broken the repetitive fear patterns that would otherwise have stymied their careers. And with professional guidance, you too can break free of public speaking fear. That’s just it: my techniques are rooted in a clear understanding of the learning process and the professional world so that anyone can learn how to become a public speaker.

My in-depth knowledge of how the learning process works means I am also able to push you to new levels. Not only have I been in your shoes as a business professional, I’ve taught thousands to work through their stage fright and come out the other side with confident public speaking skills they never realized they had.

Please learn more about my experience. If you like what you read, please contact In Your Own Words for information about corporate training.

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