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Public Speaking Credentials

Even a public speaking ninja starts out with shaking hands. I know I did. Natural talent can fizzle out without patience, practice and a little hard work. And throughout the years, my experience has helped people just like you find their inner public speaking confidence. Experience matters when it comes to something that seems so dangerous, like fighting ninjas or having to speak in public. Fortunately, I have plenty experience with both ninjas and helping professionals get over their fears of public speaking.

Professional Fear Slayer

  • Mastered techniques for overcoming fear through martial arts training.
  • Earned an M.A. from Central Michigan University in organizational and public communication in 1985.
  • Professor of advanced public speaking, leadership and organizational development at Central Michigan University for a decade.
  • Taught thousands of people practical methods for overcoming public speaking fear through university and private instruction as a professional public speaking coach.

Boardroom Authority

  • Provided strategic direction that aligned with organizational goals and direction as Vice-President of Organizational Development for Grand Traverse Resort and Spa.
  • Designed successful learning approaches for enhanced personnel development as President of Training and Development for Horizon Enterprises Inc.
  • Led a branding campaign and managed community relations for Traverse City State Bank as Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

Creative Force Behind the Scenes

  • Produced commercial work that was submitted by Brauer Productions for the 2007 Telly Awards.
  • Produced commercials and radio advertisements for companies and non-profit organizations.
  • Coached public speaking clients on enhancing their presence for commercials, podcasts and general media management.

Accomplished Entrepreneur

  • Author of Another Great Story, a Grand Traverse Chamber of Commerce book highlighting the accomplishments of local entrepreneurs.
  • In Your Own Words public speaking training provides practical methods that help distinguished business men and women overcome public speaking fears.
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