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About Onlee

About Onlee Bowden

The Beginnings of In Your Own Words

My journey in helping professionals become accomplished, confident speakers began more than 20 years ago. And from the beginning, I have been committed to making In Your Own Words public speaking instruction a unique and rewarding training opportunity. From training in academics to the martial arts, my dynamic teaching style draws upon ideas and theories garnered from a variety of places and experiences. Because when we speak we draw from a wonderful mix of life, feelings and memories.

Public Speaking Instructor

In 1985 I received an M.A. from Central Michigan University (CMU) in organizational and public communication. After graduation I taught courses in advanced public speaking, leadership, organizational communication and team work at CMU. In the early 1990’s I came up with a plan for creating my own public speaking instruction firm in Traverse City, Michigan.

Successful Entrepreneur

In Your Own Words began simply from a desire to offer my services as a public speaking coach. The original executive coaching services soon evolved into a suite of consultation offerings that included communication strategy and organizational development. And it didn’t take long before my modest public speaking firm was recognized by a political columnist.

I was contacted by political columnist George Weeks—he was looking for a professional’s opinion about the debates and speeches conducted during the 1992 Presidential Campaign. George Weeks’ column was regularly published in the Sunday edition of the The Detroit News. And Weeks’ used my insights for his articles, citing me in his column. It was an honor to be asked to assess the presidential candidates, but I realized that I could do more by helping area professionals build confident public speaking habits.

Communication & Marketing Strategist

I was the creative force behind Traverse City State Bank’s branding campaign while I was acting as their director of marketing and public relations. This position led me into other production consulting work for companies and non-profit organizations. My public speaking coaching behind the camera led to professional nods, including having commercials submitted through Brauer Production for the 2007 Telly Awards.

Experienced Corporate Trainer

My philosophy is that you deserve corporate training that works to improve communication at your office, in your home and during any social situation.

I have developed a unique approach to public speaking training that is based in theory and real-world experiences. The methods are insightful, practical and simply make sense. These are methods that work for me and also have proven to be very successful in the corporate world, and that’s important.

Please read more about my philosophy and you will see that In Your Own Words public Speaking Training is designed to work for you. I invite you to also request additional information about available public speaking instruction.

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