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Are you tired of turning down speaking opportunities?
Do you walk away and think, “I wish I would have said something”?
Do you lose sleep the night before a presentation?
Let’s change that…

With 30 years of experience as a public speaking coach, author, and presenter Onlee captures it all in a series of online tutorials and book.

Begin today. Start by saying “yes” to speaking opportunities.

Receive Free: The Bowden Speaking Wheel, a client proven tool for organizing your next presentation.

Get the Book: Flip It On Its Ear, A Radical Approach to Public Speaking. This book provides client proven strategies for everything from handling physical stress to creating a compelling message.

Take a Class: As a university professor and communication specialist, Onlee has been teaching folks how to be real in front of others since 1985. Now you can take her course online from wherever you live.

Schedule a Private Meeting: Do you have a presentation on the horizon and want some expert advice? Schedule a session with Onlee today and get started.

It’s your time to say “yes”… you got this!

  • Doug Luciani, Traverse City Chamber of Commerce, President & CEO
    "Onlee has worked with several of the staff at the Chamber, including me. We've seen great results in the way we prepare, the quality of our presentations, and in our confidence as presenters. Training with Onlee yields results that are tangible and immediate."
  • Karen Browne, TBA Credit Union, President/CEO
    Serving as a community leader requires knowledge, confidence, and the ability to speak well in public. Thanks to Onlee, we have experienced growth in all three. Whether leading a staff meeting, team workshop, or representing TBA Credit Union to the public, we simply 'throw confidence out there' because, as Onlee assures her students, 'you'll catch up with it eventually'! Thank you, Onlee!
  • Louise Hagerty, Hagerty Insurance, Founder
    "Onlee, I find your private sessions to be focused, logical, and uncomplicated. With your input I feel more confident as a speaker. I think your methods are tried and true and your ability to make me feel relaxed makes working on my speaking skills a pleasure. We actually laugh and that makes the entire process easy. Thank you."
  • Timothy Keenan, Cherryland Electric, Director of Safety
    Onlee's "In Your Own Words" taught me a comprehensive, effective approach to speaking that covers intimate toasts to addressing the Board of Directors or an audience of hundreds. I would recommend Onlee Bowden to any person who wants to learn the most effective way to speak "In Your Own Words".
  • Jill Holden, FAST Physical Therapy, Owner
    Onlee Bowden's classes are fun and casual, but she also compels you to push your own limits — all within a very safe environment. We use our new found skills during staff meetings and to promote our business in the community. Rex felt very confident when he spoke in front of over 200 people to accept the Small Business of the Year Award in 2009. Thank you Onlee!
  • Alex Rheinheimer, Horse Shows by the Bay, Owner
    Recently I found myself having to give a presentation about our facility/shows. The response was amazing...people kept coming up to me exclaiming how "professional" I sounded. Before taking your course the thump-thump of my adrenaline fueled heart would have made me lose concentration and confidence; Now - I just take a deep breath, squeeze my cheeks, and say, "Hey, I CAN do this".
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